We are glad to update all of you on the current status of the Cathedral Building Project and as you are aware, the project is still in pre-construction stages whose status is as follows;

Artistic Impression of New Cathedral Building

Artistic Impression of New Cathedral Building


  1. Design review was completed in the middle of February 2017 and we were blessed to have input from all stakeholders in the diocese on some of the key design issues.
    Preparation of construction drawings and tender documents was completed mid March 2017.
    A contract was signed with Creation Consultants Africa Ltd on 30th March 2017, and they were formally engaged as our supervising consultants.
  2. The Cathedral Procurement Committee together with the Technical Committee of ACP went through a process of pre-qualification and recommended six (6) potential Contractors; The Cathedral Council at its sitting on 7th March 2017, approved the shortlist of the said six (6) potential contractors;
  3. Council also upheld the time frames as follows;
    1. March for bidding period and
    2. April for evaluation of bids, due diligence and negotiations leading to contracting by 27th of April 2017;
    3. Award contract the last week of April
    4. Sign contract on 3rd May. Announce the contractor in the Cathedral AGM due on 30th April 2017;
  4. Out of six shortlisted contractors, one declined to participate citing staffing challenges while the other 5 contractors obtained the tender documents.
  5. Four contractors returned their bids in time and the bids were publicly opened on 31st March 2017. Our Cathedral Team and that of ACP Procurement which handled the procurement of the consultancy services is also handling this evaluation.
  6. Evaluation of bids is on- going. The draft bid evaluation report has been jointly reviewed by the Cathedral Procurement Team and is being finalized by the consultant. The remaining approval steps in this procurement, will be all done next week by the ACP Team and Council.
  7. The commencement of works is expected next month May 2017 and it is desired that the first ACP Sunday of 07th May will be held at the new cathedral site.
    The selected contractor will then be introduced to the congregation.

Funds available to start Phase 2 amounts to UGX 2,359,913,249 billion Uganda Shillings and these funds are from Parishioners through weekly collections. This money is kept as follows:
i. DFCU Bank UGX 179,952,753
ii. DFCU Bank– USD 58,818.61
iii. DFCU Fixed Deposit- UGX 1,960,000,000
iv. Barclays Bank – UGX 8,213,500

We thank you all for supporting this project and wish you a blessed Easter. Our prayer is for the Lord to resurrect all that the enemy has taken away from you.