The ACP Team extends gratitude and blessings for all the contributions, prayers and desire to raise the sanctuary of God. Phase 2 for our new Cathedral is truly unfolding. Keep praying and giving to the work of God for the glory of His name.
There are five major activities for Phase 2 of the Cathedral building Project namely: Prayer, Communication to parishioners and other stakeholders, raising money, engagement of the Supervising Consultant and later procurement of the Contractor to execute the site Works and finally Supervision of the Works. In August 2016, the ACP Team started the process to engage the Consultants who were responsible for the entire design and supervised phase 1 works to continue with their professional responsibility by overseeing execution of phase 2. The key criteria was the need for technical continuity and Uganda-based expertise while maintaining the professional indemnity expected of the Consultant. This week the Cathedral Council approved the selection of the Supervising Consultant who will start their assignment tomorrow, 07th November 2016.
Together with the Consultant, the journey to commence actual site works will proceed as follows:
Design reviews to check structural integrity and possible design improvements (November 2016); preparation of construction documents and bidding documents (December 2016); Bids submission by Contractors and bid evaluation (January 2017); Negotiations and Selection of Contractor (February 2017); and Commencement of works at site (March 2017).
This phase 2 which covers the Main Auditorium Walling frame, Roofing, fenestration (windows and doors) requires that once we start, we cannot stop until it is finished because it is designed as interconnected structure. As we continue to gather our contributions, we will
be much better prepared to meet our obligations with minimum financing risks, by the time we start site works.
We continue to invite you to make your financial contribution in various ways. Gideons are individuals or groups of people who give Ugx 3 million or USD 1,000 or more. Another category is to have 100 individuals or families or entities or government departments contributing 10 million or more. So far we have received over 30 people in this category and different fellowships like Mothers’ Union, Fathers’ Union and others are gathering their money. Cards to facilitate group savings are now available with the ACP Secretariat. We are
continuing to receive all contributions in whatever amounts. Glory to God for the prayers, enthusiasm and commitment in giving money for the Cathedral building. Indeed, we are building, Phase 2 is becoming a reality.

The collection for last week banked on 31/10/2016 was UGX 28,405,850 and $205
Total collections so far amounts to UGX 1,609,186,619