This is yet another ACP Sunday, the ACP Team extends gratitude and blessings for all the contributions, prayers and desire to raise the sanctuary of God.
i. Last week (20th to 26th Feb 2017) UGX 17,272,600 and USD 220 was collected and banked on ACP account.
ii. As of today we have UGX 2,178,492,203 available for construction and our desired target for starting construction is $1M (UGX3.4Bn). We are above the
half way mark.
a. Total cash Inflow = UGX 2,586,085,458
b. Total cash Out flow = UGX 407,593,255
c. Net flow = UGX 2,188,492,203 (Available to start Phase 2)
iii. UGX 1,960,000,000 is invested in fixed deposits.

Artistic Impression of New Cathedral Building

Artistic Impression of New Cathedral Building

We thank a consistent ACP giver who opened a new month on 1st March 2017 with cash offer of 5,000,000 (Five million Uganda shillings). Thanks also to Mothers Union Kisasi buddy group and Fathers Union who have consistently every month raised money as Gideons’ as a group yet most of them are individual and family givers. Your labour is not in vain.

On the technical milestones, the following have been achieved:
1. The Technical Advisor was recruited effective 06th February 2017. We are glad to introduce to you Mr. Fredrick Woro (Engineer) who brings to the ACP
Team a technical touch;
2. The design review process was completed mid-February 2017 after several very fruitful design review meetings with client that included the ACP team, Clergy and Parishioners who came to the design meetings as we engaged with the Consultant;
3. The revised project documents (drawings, bills of quantities and tender documents) have now been received from the Consultant and accepted for
bidding purposes;
4. Council is set to meet on 7th March 2017, to consider the shortlist of potential contractors and to authorize bidding to commence;
5. We have begun preparing the site for phase 2 works due to commence in due course. The transitional activities include:
(a) Relocation of the ACP office shifted to plot 4 behind Saints SACCO office, please visit and pray with the Secretariat;
(b) plans for re-locating the Teens service from the lower ground (basement);
(c) the basement parking that has been available for use by parishioners will not be accessible when phase 2 contractor takes over the site. Pray for the
alternatives being worked out and your indulgence is requested during this temporary situation.

Please keep in mind that once we start building we should not stop until the roofing is done. Our model of construction is concrete & steel NOT brick and mortar like many other projects. Please keep supporting, praying and contributing finances because what God began and is doing through you will be accomplished.

To contribute to the building of the Cathedral, you can deposit money directly on our bank accounts using the details below:
Account Name: All Saints Cathedral ACP Fund
Bank: DFCU; Account numbers:
01273550356324 (UGX) and 02073573433218 (USD)