Text: 2 Chronicles 6:1-42
When the Temple was finally built, it was not like any other building used
for ordinary business. There was no other place like it on earth. Therefore,
Solomon and the people dedicated it, which means it was devoted to a very particular purpose. The only thing to be done in this building was the worship of God. Solomon knows the people will stray from Yahweh, so he prays for God to forgive them and to restore them. Solomon ends the prayer remembering God’s promise to David (2 Sam.7).

The greater King, Jesus Christ, dedicated Himself to the worship of God. He
builds His Temple (us) and dedicates it to His Father. King Jesus is seated on the throne of God, and He is continuously praying for His people, eternally. And because of His prayers for grace, we are assured of it. We have been pardoned, because our King has already paid our penalty and completely satisfied God’s just judgment against our sin. Let us all, with hearts full of love, live before the Lord in grateful obedience to His law.

Meditate on verse 42. What is God teaching you in this prayer?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, forgive us, Your Church. Remember Your steadfast love that endures forever. Amen.