Text: 2 Chronicles 7:15-22
This brief passage is frightening to read. It seems that God is going to punish His people when they sin. They are in covenant with Him, He promised them pardon and grace. But notice the passage is not about sin generally. It is specifically about abandoning Yahweh and serving other gods. Yes, they were in covenant with Yahweh, because of His grace. But they are expected to show the fruit of that gracious relationship. They cannot live as unbelievers, as pagan idolaters, and expect to receive blessings.

Remember how King David sinned terribly. But he was called a man after God’s own heart (1 Sam.13:14). That is because David never trusted or worshipped any of the false gods, only Yahweh, and Yahweh kept David close. The same is true for us. We will sin daily, sometimes terribly. But do not leave the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone must be your God, your Saviour, the One you worship, trust, and love.

Meditate on verses 19-20. What is God teaching you in these verses?
Heavenly Father, help me to worship You only. Forgive us for we have
worshipped other gods. Cleanse us with the blood of Jesus Christ. In the
name of Jesus Christ we have prayed. Amen.