Text: Genesis 1:1-25
The first verse of the Bible teaches that God always existed, and that He is the Creator of absolutely everything else. Even though all things come into existence by God speaking them into existence (Gen.1:3; Heb.11:3), it is God’s work. But God does not leave the universe to continue on its own while He sits back and watches. Creation on its own, is just creation. There is nothing within creation that can keep creation existing. Creation’s existence is entirely dependant on God. Creation continues to exist only by God’s continuous work of sustaining it (Act.17:28).

Scripture teaches that creation is the work of all Three Persons of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit’s works are mentioned right in the beginning (Gen.1:2), hovering, moving over the earth, taking the formlessness of earth, and beginning His work of forming it according to His desires. The Scriptures also speak about Jesus Christ as Creator of all things. Apostle John teaches that everything that was created came into existence through Jesus (John1:1-3).
Jesus is also the One who keeps all things existing by the Word of His power (Heb.1:3), and in His earthly ministry, Jesus did the work of re-creating (e.g., 5:8-17), especially resurrection to new life (1 Cor.15:20). Christ’s work on earth
was worship, because He did it for His Father’s glory (John17:1).

Meditate on verse 1. What are you learning from this verse?
Father, the Lord of heaven and earth, eternally not made, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank You for creating everything; seen and unseen by Your powerful Word. Amen.