Text: Genesis 2:15-17
This passage reminds us that man was put in the garden by God to care for the garden. It is not a job that man chose, but God put him there to work and for man’s own well-being. One of the man’s responsibilities was to “keep” or “guard” the garden. We are getting a hint, in this text, that something or someone might enter God’s garden to bring harm. Part of Adam’s work was to keep away all trouble. Protecting the garden, keeping out evil, serving righteousness, is a work of worship.

Jesus Christ, the perfect man, was given the same responsibility – guarding worship. In John 2, we read of Jesus entering the temple and forcibly removing those who were trading therein. They had turned God’s house of worship into a market; they had turned worship into an opportunity for profit. We also, especially those who are elders in the Church, must protect God’s garden, God’s house (the believers) from evil entering in. Evil can be sin that is tolerated. Evil can be false doctrine that if allowed to continue (even flourish!). Even a small compromise can open the door for other errors to enter, to be accepted, and to grow. Part of our work as believers is to guard God’s people from evil and to protect the honor of Christ. Our worship, in accordance with Scripture, is work.

Meditate on verse 15. What is God teaching you in this verse?
Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, help me to care for and preserve nature that You have put under my control. Amen.