Good morning Saint. I just want to appreciate that you made time today to end the week in God’s presence, because as the saying goes, “Church is Monday to Saturday, Sunday is garage time” , something that fits in very well with today’s theme. So you are certainly welcome to this special Sunday (Palm Sunday), which ushers[…]

Good morning Saint, I trust that you had a great week and so we praise the Lord! Over to our theme of the day; when an individual respond to God’s invitation to receive salvation, it marks the start of a very unique phase in our Christian walk. This decision to embrace Christ as Savior of one’s life triggers[…]

When the Lord commands us to love and to exercise mercy, He is not asking for too much, because He has already demonstrated to us what it means to love, and even to love our enemies (Rom.5:8). Mercy or compassion is one of the ingredients of an authentic religion. We read in Micah 6:8, “He has shown you,[…]

It is the desire of God for the family to blossom. The call to repentance therefore comes in a context of God grooming marriages and the family to walk in God’s ways. The Bible commands repentance. It is turning towards God by turning away from your ways. In (Ezek.14:6) the Prophet calls people to turn from their idols and[…]


A Christian educator walked down a busy city street, enjoying a breath of fresh air before his next lecture. As he turned the corner, a tract – wielding, zealous young Christian confronted him, “Are you saved, brother?” the young woman asked. “Saved from what?” That response seemed to confuse the young woman, but it started a good conversation. The[…]

Good morning saints. I trust that you have had a great week, and for that we are most grateful to the Lord our God; for we cannot take His mercies for granted, and so we praise His holy name. In my message today, I wish to reaffirm the great truth, that getting to the family or even indivual[…]

Good morning saints. I hope you had a fruitful week; and I must say it’s always a great blessing to have you gather with all of us, at this special assembly marked by God’s presence. I am sure most of us are aware that the month of January is one of intensive intercession and teaching on[…]

Dear Saints, Happy New Year! As we wind up 2017, with just a couple of hours to enter the new year, we can look back on all our accomplishments with a lot of gratitude to the Lord, who has carried us this far amid various personal, family and national challenges- Ebenezer! The excellent work on our new Cathedral[…]

Brethren, as we address this matter, I am thinking to myself, you only have to travel in a Kampala bound taxi, where one passenger feels they are being cheated by the conductor, for you to realize how filthy people’s tongues can be! You probably have been in places where somebody opened their mouth, and all that came out[…]


I salute you saints! This Sunday marks the start of our Home cell month at ASCK. In light of this, I will in today’s article attempt to present a case for why congregations should transition from being, churches with small groups to becoming churches of small groups. I do this because I strongly believe that there is clear and[…]