Rev. Gideon Muhiima

Rev. Gideon Muhiima


Dedicated and devoted to the Lord’s service. A student and a teacher of biblical scriptures equipping those God has entrusted me with for the work of ministry.


Teach, train and disciple young men that will break through the canopy of worldly philosophies using biblical principles.


To develop young, godly world leaders, one man at a time


I first responded to the call of salvation in 1992 as my father delivered the sermon and gave the altar call. From that day forward I started slowly learning how to daily walk with the Lord by the guidance of His Spirit.

In 2002, ten years later, I first heard the call on my life to enter into the service. I didn’t know what exactly it meant but I knew God had placed a burden and a rare unction upon my heart to serve him in the Church.

Several years passed and I tried to ignore it, even fight it but I could not. Even when I seemingly lost my way under the pressure to work in the corporate world, I felt like a fish out of the water. I knew it wasn’t where I would find meaning and purpose in life. As I traced my way back, I remembered all the times I had meaning beyond just myself was when I was working with a church organization or involved in a church activity.

I submitted my will and my plans to God and in 2013 started working with the youth Ministry at All saints Cathedral. It is there that my calling has been made sure.