cell groupHoly Spirit, come and dwell within us – Amen. Following on the Series of Sermons on the Topic on the Holy Spirit, Revd Irene Ankanwasa preached on the Theme: ‘The Work of the Holy Spirit’ and based her References on Ezekiel 36:22-27 and John 16: 12-15 respectively on Sunday 17th July 2016.

Revd Irene pointed out that the Person and Works of the Holy Spirit have been neglected and resisted by many Christians worldwide – to which the Church of God ought to revive and mainstream Him in all Church Activities on one hand and our own Home settings. She pointed out that the Holy Spirit dwells in us and directs us [Psalm 51]. She observed that the Holy Spirit can be visibly manifested as Fire [Exodus 13:17-19], Living Water [Jn. 4:14], Sacred Oil, Wind [Jn.3:8] and as a Dove [Matt.3:16-17]. The Works and Roles of the Holy Spirit therefore include among others the following:

  1. The Holy Spirit creates Order among the People, connects and convicts them for salvation;
  2. Acts as a Seal of Ownership for the converted by dwelling in their Lives [ 2 Cor. 2.21];
  3. Energizes Believers, intercedes for us as well as motivating Christians’ to overcome their weaknesses [ Acts 1:8];
  4. Enables Christians to produce good fruits and walk in guided ways;
  5. Sets apart and calls People to take up different Church Ministries for the extension of God’s Kingdom on Earth [ Acts 13:12];
  6. The Holy Spirits directs us to fast for positive living in the Church;
  7. Apportions different Special Gifts to the people of God – which should be used for the extension of God’s Ministry.


  • The Account in Psalms 51 show that David prayed to God not to take the Holy Spirit from him. Why did David pray this? Could God take His Holy Spirit from us today?
  • Does God communicate to us today through His Holy Spirit apart from the Bible? If so, how and how can we be sure what the message is?
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit dwells in us and direct our lives for the promotion of God’s kingdom in the world.
  • How would you decide if a spiritual gift is being used in an authentic manner or not? Has some gift ever been claimed where you thought something was not biblical about it?

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