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“If you don’t stand firm in your Faith in the LORD, you will not stand at all.”
May the Name of the Lord be praised! ASCK was blessed to host Mr. Nicholas Kisakye who preached to the [3] three congregations on the Topic: “…He came not to condemn…but to set captives free” basing on Psalms 8:1-9 and John 1:1-14. The Preacher reminded Parishioners that Jesus came to set captives free hence the establishing the Church. He pointed out various ways how Christ was able to deliver and restore our destiny:
• Every one of us is in captivity because of sin. Jesus’s atonement loosened all sin that people had been grappling with; for He is the Lord Almighty and is able to deliver us and set us free through revealing himself to us [Genesis 5:2-6];
• The devil uses fear and sin to destroy yet Christ came to deal with both of them. He cautioned the congregants to be rooted in God without which they would be destroyed by eternal fire. It is only God that can redeem you from the bondage of sin and fear since He ultimately wipes our record clean of sin [Psalms 103:8-13];
• Jesus Christ therefore breaks all bondages of sin [Rom.7:15-20] and God clothes us with righteousness which transforms us to Christ likeness;
• God therefore is able to reveal Himself to the humble, the weak, the poor, the defeated, the despised, the hopeless. The Preacher urged Christians not to surrender their heavenly inheritance for temporally joy on earth and eventually miss eternity;
• With the help of the Holy Spirit, every evil deed and desires in us can be stopped. Make every effort to be holy [Rev 3:5];
• Mr. Nicholas Kisakye cautioned Parishioners that Christ cannot build their future on a wrong foundation and therefore they ought to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. He asserted that sins can never be forgiven without genuine repentance [Ezekiel 36:24-27]. He also pointed out that when the lord restores you, the later will be more glorious than the former.

Guiding Questions and Payer Item
1) As a Cell; what key lessons do you draw from Romans 8:1-10? Using your personal testimony, how ably are you overcoming the earthly desires that come your way?
2) As an Individual, Home Cell, Family, Church and Nation, prayerfully call upon the LORD to give you the desire to live in accordance to what the spirit desires

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
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