IMG-20160615-WA0034All honour, praises and thanksgivings go to God – Amen. On Sunday the 14th May 2017,
Canon Richard Obura delivered a Sermon on the theme ‘Winning the Family for Christ’ and based his exposition on Acts 10: 1-6 and Matt. 2: 48-50 respectively. The Preacher re-echoed that both the Church of Uganda and the Government of Uganda declared 2017 as the Year of the Family – to which Christians have to exploit and harness the Building Blocks that lay a firm Foundation and strengthen a God fearing Home. He emphasized the following;
i. ‘Winning the Family’ through love, good qualities, influence and favour demands a struggle for all Family Members as a Collective Body. Everything we do we do to it for Christ;
ii. He pointed out that winning the Family mandates us to deliver it from Gentiles [ Acts 26:17] and opening their eyes from the power of satan; which act is sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ;
iii. He emphasized the significance of the Family through creation and the Marriage Institution [Mal. 2:11, Gen.2:18-25 & Deut. 14:2]. A Family therefore is God’s Institution that combats the enemy of people [Josh. 24:14-15]. He pointed out clearly that it is ONLY Christ [not people] who win people to God;
iv. Canon Obura went a step ahead and explained the dualistic role of winning the Family which involve sharing the Word of God on one hand and inviting other people who have not embraced salvation to come and dine with Jesus Christ/ Salvation journey;
Winning the Family encompasses key responsibilities for each of the Member of the Church as reflected in Matt: 28: 18-19. We are all invited to go and disciple others, baptize them in the Trinity as well as re-admitting others; teach them to observe the Christian Faith, clearly define who to send out and above all TRAIN our children in the ways that God requires us to follow. Canon Obura finally reminded the Congregations that the Church has a responsibility to non-believers [Acts 4]; and that Jesus Christ settled ALL our ins when he died once for all on the Cross at Calvary.

Study Questions and Prayer Requests
1. As Cell Members, spend few minutes sharing and discussing the percentage of time you give to winning your family for Christ. Share your Testimonies.
2. How do you talk to Family Members? What is your role to new members and non members?
3. Devote the remaining time in Prayers. Pray specifically for the process(es) of winning the family for Christ.

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