Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour – Amen. On 23 rd February 2020, all the three Services at the Cathedral appreciated and thanked the outgoing Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and at the same time Diocesan Bishop for the commendable Ministry, Service and love he had shown to the Diocese at large during his tenure of leadership. In his homily, His Grace shared on the Topic “Who am I Lord” based on I Chronicles17:1-27 and Matthew 17:1-9 respectively.

The Bishop pointed out that there is a season for everything and that season creates and determines each individual’s life journey! Using his testimony, he pointed out that God had chosen him at an early stage in life to work as a Church Catechist, Youth Worker, Missionary in Karamoja, Diocesan Secretary and Archdeacon of Bunyoro, Provincial Secretary, Bishop and finally elevated as Archbishop of the Province of the Church of Uganda! In the 43 Years as a Servant of the Lord in the Church at different levels, ONLY God had steered him and provided a Way for him! The Archbishop cautioned the Congregants to always trust in the Lord, allow Him to guide their directions and diligently listen to God’s directive. Specifically, he outlined and called upon the Congregants to observe that:

  • When God chooses you as a Leader, He does not consider your outward appearance but the heart. “When God calls you, He equips, empowers, anoints, blesses and sustains you.” [1Sam 16:5-13].
  • God extracts you from your environment and sets you in a new one and empowers you with the grace for the new responsibility – just like he did for David!
  • The challenges you go through today are testimonies for tomorrow therefore as Leaders, you need NOT lose faith and trust in the Lord. For He makes a way where there’s no way.
  • The Lord never forsakes us! He is faithful, cuts off our enemies before us and we only need to forgive and release them. We should never revenge [Roman 12:17-21].
  • Trust God in whatever you do and your cup of salvation will overflow [Psalm 23:1-6].
  • God is the Head of the Church and when we remain connected to Him by obeying His Word; goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives.
  • Christians therefore ought to be good and faithful ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Wherever you are placed endeavor to do the work God of which you are accountable! [Acts 20:17-32; 2Timothy 4 :5-8].

His Grace concluded the homily by stating that it is God’s grace that sustains all the people – who by default are all sinners BUT ultimately saved by His Grace through repentance and forgiveness from God. From his Heart, Bishop Stanley and Mama Beatrice together with the Family applauded the Congregations at ASC, cherished and appreciated the good team spirit of the Cathedral Pastoral Staff and Council. He pointed out that he would retire in Hoima and all were welcome to visit him.

Guidelines and Questions

  1. In reference to 1 Chronciles 17:16-27, draw practical Lessons from David’s response [Prayer] to God.
  2. In light of David response, “Who am I, Lord” looking at your personal life journey and identify, share and acknowledge God’s grace at every level of your life?
  3. Prayerfully surrender your fears by acknowledging God’s grace and promises upon your life.

Compiled by:
Revd Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
Priest in Charge – Compassion