cellssFollowing the July Theme on ‘Family Spirituality’, Dr.Kedrace Turyagenda shared on the Topic “Growing Together as Husband and Wife” and drawing her references from Ephesians 4:2-3 & John 8:31-38. She highlighted that a Family/ Marriage Bond is God’s doing and it was part of His Original Divine Plan for Mankind (Gen 2:18-24). The Preacher entirely focused on four aspects namely;

The Foundation

  • For growth to be realized, death has to occur and Christians’ growth is premised on the essence of dying to self/desires of the flesh (Col. 3:5-9). The old nature in us must die and we embrace the new Creation (2 Cor. 5:17);
  • The ‘two complete strangers’ come together and grow in Love, morals and values: death of self takes place and the two become one flesh, leave their respective home/ family and cleave as partner. By the help of the Lord the couple are enabled to grow sustainably.

How then can the above be done?

  • Start doing it God’s way (Eph.5:22-33). The husband should be the HEAD of the Family as a vision bearer, coordinator, having the sensitivity to the environment around his family. He should be the ‘priest’ to the family, love and bless his family members;
  • Wives simultaneously are also meant to be helpers and enable her husband to be a kind of leader God has intended him to be. Concurrently, she should respect, submit to the husband and both [ husband and wife] express great love for their family
  • Purposeful reading God’s Word together as a Couple ought to be observed: The Bible can teach, correct, rebuke and train them in righteousness;
  • Couples are called to be purposeful in seeking God, serving Him as well as reaching out to others through attending fellowship, visiting the sick, going to worship together and any Christian social events;
  • Being purposeful to enjoy some activities together as a couple to include among others like sports, watching TV programmes, reading novels and having evening walks together;

The benefits that arise from growing together include enhanced growth in mutual love and appreciation for one another, being a couple admired by others, bearing fruit of the spirit (Gal 5: 22-23); as well as being role Models to your Children. That done, the Lord dwells in your Residence and blesses you with a gift of long life (Isaiah 40:31); and

The reverse consequences of the above may include: lack of focus in the family, Children lack confidence, possibility of separation and divorce and the entire marriage becomes a a struggle.

Dr. Kedrace testified that together with her husband and by God’s grace they have lived for 30yrs and these have been years of learning, dying to self, repentance and looking to God daily. She emphasized that for growth to occur in the life of Christians, Christ has to be invited in their personal lives and homes.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) Compare the growth of a seed and what it takes to germinate to the growth of a Christian (Believer)? (John 12:23-25)
2) Allow some couples to share testimonies of their growth in being a Husband and a Wife. (Matt: 19:4-6)
3) Spend time to prayerfully reflect on the above message concerning growing together in all aspects at Home, Work. Church and Nation.

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