Shalom Brethren! Last Sunday’s topic was; ‘The works of the flesh [Romans 8:5-8, Gal 5: 16-21]’ there are three enemies that every child of God has to deal with; these include: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. The flesh is the sinful nature or old man]. It’s not the[…]

Shalom brethren! Last Sunday’s topic: Work as Worship [2 Cor 5:16-21 and Eph. 6:5- 9]. We worship God by giving him reverent honor and homage as Father of our Lord Jesus who redeemed us through his son. Work runs through the scriptures. Right at creation; God tells Adam and Eve to be fruitful and increase in number; fill the[…]

Shalom Brethren! Last Sunday’s topic was. Worshiping in Truth and In Spirit [John 4:1-26]; (Heb= shachah) to bow down/prostrate. Worship in the Christian context, is the act of magnifying God/expressing reverence and adoration because of who he is. As believers, going to church is an expression of honour and reverence to God for who he[…]


Shalom Brethren. Last Sunday’s topic was; Until I Deborah Arose [Judges 5:1-7].This portion of scripture is part of the song of victory Deborah was singing with Barak.Since it was a result of the battle they had fought and won as mentioned in Judges Chp 4. Such a phrase Until I Deborah Arose raises questions such[…]


“Enlarge the place of your tent. Strengthen your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cord, strengthen your stakes” Is 54:2 The Cell and Pastoral Care Ministry takes this opportunity to praise God for having taken us through the past year, difficult though it was and for having enabled many cells to continue[…]

Shalom Brethren! Our Sunday’s topic was: The Repentant Church from 2 Chronicles 7:11-14 and Mark 1:1-8. Repentance is an expectation and a condition required by God from the Church. To repent is when you sincerely feel sorry or remorseful of your wrong doing/Sin. It is a radical turn away from sin and a complete change[…]

Shalom Brethren! Last Sunday our topic was: Setting our hearts to seek the Lord 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, Matt. 13:44-50. We seek the Lord NOT because He is lost BUT rather we are lost from him as a result of the fall of man. [Sin separated man from God]. We ought to seek the Lord while[…]

Christian greetings friends, Self-Denial was our Sunday’s topic [Daniel1:1-21, Matthew 16:24-28]. Making a deliberate decision to belong to the kingdom of God requires you to make a choice of living in a certain way. There are basics or guidelines to live peaceably in the kingdom of God e.g. friendship with the world is enmity with[…]

Home Cell Guide (Sunday 1st March 2020)

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour – Amen. On 23 rd February 2020, all the three Services at the Cathedral appreciated and thanked the outgoing Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and at the same time Diocesan Bishop for the commendable Ministry, Service and love he had shown to the Diocese at[…]

Shalom Brethren! The previous Sunday in line with the February theme; “I will build my Church”, we shared on a topic: “The Calling and Mission of the Church” [2 Timothy 4:1-8 & Matthew 28:16- 20]. The Great Commission signifies that Church isn’t supposed to live randomly, there ought to be a purporse for its existence.[…]