by Jotham Kabuusu.

Last Sunday as the 3pm service, we visited Butabika hospital, particularly the unit of addictions and drug abuse. I was part of the group that went to the ward with female patients who had shown signs of improvement.

I will be honest and state that I was not as brave as my fellow visitors, butIi still had to go all in. Being with the patients triggered a memory from my High School days in O’Level when my mind was not in the best of shapes. This got me sad and I struggled to relate with those, to whom we had gone to minister.IMG-20170627-WA0010I felt really low and this only got worse when one lady, kept on looking at me like I had done something wrong to her. For a moment I felt a little terrified, but the spirit of fear is not my portion. In my heart I cried a little and paused to thank God for a new found strength. I straightened myself up and in that very moment, I had the “tukutendereza” classic go through my mind.

This in a way was a breakthrough for me and I asked the rest of the visitors, together with the patients, to join me in song. As we sang and echoed aloud, I just had this assurance that, this was only a phase for the patients. Within me, I knew that they were healed and that the Good Lord was comforting them with a peace, that exceeds human understanding.

I am really grateful for the experience and thank the church for this initiative. I strongly encourage everyone to be happy about their situation because *”it is a learning experience, and never permanent.* What matters is that God knows and he cares. Whenever we trust Him, he grants us peace through the storm.

Just like the little one in nursery and sunday school, may we never forget to sing….. *with Jesus in my heart, I can smile at the storm….smile at the storm…smile at the storm.”*

God Bless You All Saints Cathedral Kampala.