By: Ivan Naijuka

The Rev. Can Dr. Edson Kalengyo has advised Christians to be the ambassadors of reconciliation.  While speaking at Maundy Thursday, today 29 March, 2018 at All Saints’ Cathedral- Kampala, Canon Kalengyo said that reconciliation summarized the message of Jesus on the cross.

He further said that, reconciliation is much closer to us in our family relationships and it restores the broken relationship like it did between mankind and God.

In addition to that, Canon Kalengyo said that the biblical message of reconciliation begins with God. “The cross enables us to cross over to God but also to cross over to one another” he said.

Reading from 2Corinthians 5:17-18, Rev. Canon Dr. Edson Kalengyo said that the work of reconciliation is a finished work by Jesus through God. “Our reconciliation with God is restored through Jesus Christ. God is the author of reconciliation, Christ is the agent and we, are the ambassadors” he said.

Furthermore, he advised Christians to go with one message; that it’s through Jesus Christ that we are reconciled to God.

In the same service, the brethren shared the love of Christ through washing of the feet and breaking of the bread.