Sermon by Rev. Diana Nkesiga

Sermon notes by Bernard Kwiringira

AM seeing sports gala, its remaining me of the world and all those things. Its really good to be here, first things first, Canon Michael, people have been a bit worried, but lest clear the air, am at St. Francis Makerere university and I mainly in St. Francis Makerere chapel in kabanyoro, do you know where that one is? She asked. It’s next to Gayaza high school and that is where I was raised for the rest of my 20 years.
The foundation is doing well the Nkesiga cancer foundation, we did a health camp in Kihihi, kanungu district western Uganda. Praise the lord, my family is here with me.
“Because you are looking at the family context, I want us to look at the family as we seek to understand the God’s divine will for the family. Quoting the gospel according to St. Luke 15, Jesus used three parables that Jesus used to questions that were asked, actually in the answer to the accusation’’, Diana Nkwsiga mirembe said. Said this while preaching the congregation that attended the three services at All saints cathedral, Nakasero, Kampala on Sunday 10th. June 2018 that is 7:30am, 9.30am and 11. 30am service respectively.
Reflecting on the parables Jesus used, Rev, Diana used them to bring the congregation together and to reflect what always happen in their families. For example, the parable of the lost sheep, the parable of the lost coin and the parable of the lost son, on the lost sheep, leaving the ninety-nine to pursues the one, the one who has gone astray, on drugs, who run away.
In all family context, Rev. challenged the congregation that “We have all felt it because there is always one person in the family and the one who is deprived and depressed, the one who is in jail, who drop out school, who became an alcoholic, who is always angry of all of you in the family and you don’t understand that one who rebelled against the church amid all the good family name”
“We sit here and think we have family name, but there is that one…. You have it”, she said. In all our good families, there will be that person who is one and God said, we cannot fully rejoice, I lather leave the ninety-nine and I go for the one. We have been challenged that GODS ways are not are ways, they may be discouraged, but the one is the main challenge to the lord.
Rev. encouraged the congregation not give up on one, because he is the one that God pursues. On the story of one, Rev. Diana said that, that one lost coin, it is the one that make neighborhood rejoice