Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Margret Nyegenye
Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Margret Nyegenye

We give glory to God as we return to places of worship and appreciate God for the restored fellowship. We come with hearts full of gratitude for what the Lord is doing in our lives on a daily basis. The Lord has carried us over the past seven months, we have learnt the ministry of priesthood at family level, husbands assumed their role of leadership especially in the area of worship and many of us are more stronger, more equipped and more determined to face the world and share the gospel.

We can join Paul to say that we were afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed but not driven to despair; persecuted but not forsaken; struck down but not destroyed. This season has challenged all of us. To some the load of work has been extremely heavy due to laying off some staff, some of us have lost our jobs completely, others our rentals have been sacrificed to the tenants for free, businesses are lost, loved ones have moved on to glory and all sorts of other issues. There has been a moment of sorrow mingled with joy. There is always joy because of the presence of Christ in every storm. In whichever way this season has treated you, we can all say great is your faithfulness oh God. We have a reason to continually give thanks to the Lord for protecting us from this virus, to be careful with our lives going forward, to trust the Lord for his protection and complete destruction of the Covid 19 virus. To obey the SOPs as given to us from the Ministry of health and guard against infections. For those in quarantine, we are praying for quick recovery, those who have lost their dear ones over the virus, may God comfort you. I pray that we take to heart the following
• God has a plan for each ones of us if we seek him with all our hearts.
• Lets us endevour to equip and be equipped to manage the crisis
as priests as family level.
• Let us not give up the spirit of meeting together using the available avenues.
• Let us embrace the great commission and reach out to the lost souls that are groaning in pain
• The Lord is doing a new thing in our midst, we should not dwell in the past.
• The momentary trials are a revelation of the glorious time ahead.
Whatever the Locusts have eaten will be recovered, the future glory is way greater than the latter.

The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye