Text: Jeremiah 28:1-17
This is more or less the continuation of Chapter 27, where Prophet Jeremiah tells Judah and the surrounding nations to submit to Babylon in order to survive the sword, famine and plague (27:13). And in this Chapter (28) , a false prophet, Hananiah, in the presence of priests and all the people, said that within two years all will be well. He then goes ahead to break the yoke from Jeremiah’s neck, symbolizing God breaking the yoke of Babylon over Israel (vv. 4,10). The things of God are not subject to much argument; God fights for Himself; so, Jeremiah repeats the prophecy and leaves the place with no further arguments (v. 11). Later, Jeremiah returns to the scene with the Word of God, harsher than the previous one: the people will now bear the yoke of iron not wood (v.13).

And to prove that Hananiah is a false prophet, Jeremiah prophesies that he will die within that one year (vv. 15-16). Indeed, in the seventh month of that year, Hananiah died (v. 17).
How come the false pastors of today are not dying? God is forbearing with them and indeed to all who do evil to repent. True pastors should preach repentance and forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, not miracles of good health and wealth that focus people on things of the flesh and below.

Meditate on verse 11. What is God teaching you in this verse? How are you
going to apply the behavior of Jeremiah in this verse?
Almighty Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, give me the grace to know that You fight battles Yourself; so, I should remain calm in the face of any wars. Amen.