Text: Deuteronomy 16:1-46 (cf. Exod.11-12)
This feast commemorates when the Israelites were brought out of slavery, when Yahweh moved through Egypt and put to death the firstborn sons of the Egyptians, but not of His people. The families of Israel were instructed to sacrifice a lamb and to put the blood on the door frames of their homes. When God moved through Egypt and saw a house with blood, He passed over that house and killed no one. This feast was celebrated each year, and the people praised Yahweh for what He did for them (vv.1-3).

The original Passover and the annual meal were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Once Jesus died on the cross (to pay the sin penalty) and was raised back to life, the Passover celebration was properly ended. Now we have a new covenant meal –
the Lord’s Supper. Whether your church celebrates the supper each week, once per month, or whenever, you are celebrating what Jesus did for you, that God will pass over your sin, and that you are receiving His grace to work in your life.

Meditate on verse 3. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank You for the blood of Jesus Christ
that was shed to wash away my sins. Amen.