Text: Proverbs 25:1-28Honey is good and is medicinal, but eating too much of it is bad for your health (v.27). A life style disease like diabetes is on the increase as a result of things we eat and the sedentary life style we are living.Therefore to honour God with our bodies, we need to watch[…]

Text: Nahum 3:1-19 Assyrians were manipulative; they used beauty, prestige and power to entice other nations (v.4), giving them false friendship, and once those nations lowered their guard, the Assyrians would strike and plunder them. That is how Assyria accumulated great wealth. No nation wished to be ruled by Assyria but because of its wealth, power and prestige, some[…]

Text: 2 Chronicles 2:1-18 As we read about Solomon’s reign in this book, he began with worship (chapter1, offering sacrifices) and now he continues worship by building the Temple. Tens of thousands of people were conscripted in order to accomplish the task. Some gathered quarried stone, some removed trees, some were supervisors. All this effort[…]

Text: Luke 14:25-35 The cost of discipleship involves hating your father, mother, wife, children, brothers and sisters (v.26). Hatred here means lesser love. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ you love Jesus Christ more than anything else. You must have lesser love for your parents, siblings and children compared to the love you have[…]

Text: Amos 7:1-17 Two times Amos is confronted with visions of impending punishment upon God’s people (vv.1-6). In each case Amos would pray to God and He would relent. Does this mean prayers can change God’s mind? No! Otherwise, one would be suggesting that God can improve on Himself. Instead God causes us to pray[…]

Text: 1 Chronicles 16:1-43 The Psalm written in this chapter (also in Psalm105) is a praise to Yahweh for all He has done. There is a special mention of God’s covenant with His people, beginning with verse 15. God’s covenant is a gracious relationship of union, based on oath. It is very similar to marriage.[…]

Text: Mark 10:13-27 Jesus Christ was always accused of spending time with wrong people; tax collectors, sinners and this time, children (v. 13). However, Jesus told His disciples that the Kingdom of God belonged to people whose attitude is like that of children; no self-sufficiency, but total dependency on God. And for moral self-righteousness, to[…]

Text: Mark 10:1-12 Jesus Christ was in an area controlled by Herod Antipas who had imprisoned John the Baptist because of his views on marriage and divorce. At the time, there were two schools of thought concerning divorce namely: (i) To allow divorce for any reason, or, (ii) Allow divorce on grounds of adultery only[…]

Text: Jeremiah 14:1-12 As part of God’s curses on His disobedient children, God sends severe drought which causes people to mourn and wail; even those in authority could not find water through their servants (vv.2-3). Farmers are suffering and wild animals are forced to change their livelihood (vv.4-6) because of this terrible drought in form[…]

Text: Jeremiah 12:7-17 It is terrible that because of Sin, God is going to forsake His house, the temple, His heritage and hand over His people to their enemies (v.7). This is a sad moment not only for the people, but for God as well, more so, because tradition had it that the defeat of[…]