Text: Judges 6:1-10
After Deborah led Israel, the nation went back to idolatry and was
oppressed for 7 years. So, the people cried out to Yahweh for deliverance.
God answered by explaining why He brought suffering to them: Yahweh is their Saviour, but the people forgot Him and served other gods, which are
not really gods, they are just the creations of human imagination.

This ancient problem still exists in the Church today. Jesus is our Saviour,
our God, Yahweh, but we His people frequently ignore Him. If you go to
the witchdoctor or to traditional religions or other earthly distractions like
riches, then you are doing what Israel did. God will not tolerate that, and
you are in danger of being condemned. In fact, every time you disobey
the Lord, you are serving some other god. But thanks be to God, we have
a perfect Saviour, Jesus Christ, who worshipped and served God perfectly.
His perfection is then imparted on us by faith. Therefore, for the sake
of your soul and in honour of Christ, trust and serve God and not sinful

Meditate on verses 8-10. What is God teaching you in these verses?
Faithful Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, build in us hearts that trust
and obey Your voice. Amen.