Text: Ezekiel 32:1-32
In verse 2 we read of how Pharaoh sees himself as a lion among the nations, thinking he is the greatest. But Yahweh will send other nations against him, capture him, and destroy him. In the second half of the Chapter many nations are listed, all fallen, all destroyed. Egypt will be no different than they are. Egypt will also be destroyed.

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ will endure forever, because it is not a Kingdom of unrighteousness and pridefulness. These things by nature are anti-God. Nor is King Jesus arrogant and prideful. Thus, in His Kingdom we are safe, because Christ’s Kingdom will endure forever; His Kingdom cannot fall.

Meditate on verses 7-8. What is God teaching you in these verses? How can you avoid such difficult times from coming to you?
My heavenly Father, I thank You for saving and accepting me to be Your child.

I pray that You create in me a heart that will not be proud of anything else but You, and to worship and glorify You. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.