Text: Luke 13:1-21
When Jesus heard the story of the Galileans who were killed while sacrificing at the altar or those who were killed by the tower at Siloam, He told the people that these died not because they were the worst sinners as people believed (vv.1-4).The people whose blood Pilate mixed with sacrifices were killed by Romans while sacrificing at the altar. The act was one of worst blasphemies to the Jews. People believed that these were killed because of sin. But Jesus challenged people’s belief that every calamity was connected to iniquity, and that, therefore, by implication, those surviving were upright. He told them that they themselves must repent or they would perish too. God is forbearing towards you, wanting you to repent. You have survived many dangers not because you are upright; but because God is giving you an opportunity for repentance. Today is your day! (Psalm 95:7-8).

Meditate on verse 3. What is God teaching you in this Verse? How are you
going to apply it to your life?
Ever merciful Father, I thank You for another chance You have given me to repent; forgive me for all my sins. In the name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amen.