Text: Jeremiah 27:1-22
The Lord told Jeremiah to put a yoke on his neck as a symbol of subjection
to the country of Babylon (v.2) . It so happened that ambassadors of the five
countries, mentioned, were in Jerusalem, chiefly to persuade King Zedekiah to join them and rebel against Babylonian domination. Now Jeremiah advises them to go and tell their leaders to submit to Babylon as he proceeds to persuade Zedekiah, the King of Judah, to submit to Babylon too (v. 12). Otherwise, they would face the sword, famine and plague (v. 13).
The false prophets who were contradicting Jeremiah are challenged to pray to God. If God answers them, then they would be true prophets (v.18). The
Lord never answered their prayers (vv. 19-22) , confirming that they were false prophets. So, the Lord is set on punishing Judah and the surrounding nations by subjecting them to Babylonian rule. If anyone of them attempts to resist, the punishment will be even harder. It is important that we listen and apply the Word of God to our lives; otherwise, the Lord will surely punish us. If you resist the Lordship of Christ over your life, the consequences are bitter, you are separated from God.

Meditate on verse 5. What is God teaching you in this verse? How are you
going to respond to it?
My heavenly Father, the maker of heaven and the earth, all power, glory and honour belong to You alone. Thank You for revealing this truth to me; and endow me with knowledge of Your Word, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.