Text: Matthew 13:16-58
Jesus Christ used to teach in parables; it was a common method of teaching Judaism at the time. At first, Jesus Christ used graphic analogies (cf Matt. 5:13) and their meaning was much clearer depending on the context as He taught. Later, He adopted parables to veil the truth from non-believers but laying it clear to His disciples. A parable needed more explanation than graphic analogies. For Jesus Christ, to obscure truth from non-believers, carried both, the Acts of judgement and Acts of mercy. It was an act of judgement in that non-believers were kept in darkness and act of mercy in that since they had rejected the light to get more truth would multiply their guiltiness and they would be condemned the more (v.13).

The tare was probably the darnel, a type of weed which resembles wheat so much that it is difficult to differentiate the two until both have matured.
Enemies would use this weed to destroy someone’s garden. This parable shows how the devil uses his agents to deceive the Church; as he mixes his agents with God’s children and it becomes impossible to differentiate between children of God and those of the devil. This we see today; many are confused about the right and the wrong church.

Meditate on verse 30. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Our Father in heaven, I pray for Your Spirit to give me a discerning heart, so that I may be able to distinguish the true church from the bad ones. In the name of Jesus I have prayed. Amen.