Text: Isaiah 60:1-22
In the previous chapter, prophet Isaiah told the people that God will show
mercy to those who repent of their sins (59: 17a, 20-21), now he is announcing the restoration of Jerusalem. The restoration of Jerusalem will attract other nations like the Gentiles (v. 3) as they move away from darkness to light.

That their children will be gathered from afar (v. 4). And the Lord will be the everlasting light (v. 19). Indeed it will be a glorious time.
As long as one has not received and believed in Jesus Christ, he is in total
darkness even when he pretends to see. God will be your light only in Christ, His beloved Son.

Meditate on verse 19. How are you going to respond to this verse?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, may the light and righteousness of Your
Son, Jesus Christ, shine on me for Your own glory always. Amen.