Text: 6:20-49
The Beatitudes comes from the Latin word, meaning “blessing”. They show what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. They prescribe standards of conduct and display the contradiction between Kingdom values and worldly values, pointing to the expectation of followers of Christ from the world and what God is promising to give them. They also show the difference between wrong piety and true humility, maintaining how Old Testament expectations are carried out in God’s Kingdom (vv.20-23).

For “those who hunger”, it is not about physical food, but being thirsty for righteousness (v. 21). At that time, the Pharisees were filled with self-righteousness.
God desires those who seek His righteousness through Jesus Christ (Mat.5:6). Jesus Christ also rebuked those who were giving Him lip service. He required them instead to obey Him showing genuine faith in Him (v. 46).

Meditate on verse 46. What is God teaching you in this verse? How are you going to respond to it?

Faithful Father, I pray that You continuously sanctify me so that I maintain genuine faith in You, in all my thoughts, communication and deeds. In the name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amen.