Text: Luke 10:21-42
There was a general belief among Pharisees and Scribes that one’s neighbour was the righteous alone (v. 29). Therefore, to them all the wicked and sinners who included tax collectors, prostitutes, Gentiles, especially racially mixed- up Samaritans, were to be hated for they were enemies of God. They would quote Psalm 139:21-22 to support their position. It is desirable to hate sin and love righteousness; however, you do not hate the person, but the sin that is in him or what he does. Godly hatred is shown by being broken-hearted or being sorrowful over the condition of a sinner. This is true love. Here Jesus taught the lawyer and, indeed, all the Pharisees, that they should not hate their enemies because they had developed such hostility towards the wicked and sinners, thinking that for them they were righteous because of meticulous, but artificial, observance of the law. To be a neighbour to someone goes with responsibility, especially to that one who is in need, both spiritual and physical needs (v.37).

Meditate verses 41-42. What is God teaching you in these verses? How are you going to apply them to your life?
My Father in heaven, Lord of heaven and earth, I pray You orient me to set my priorities aright, to listen to You and serve all people for Your glory. In the name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amen.