Text: Deuteronomy 17:1-20
It is true that an animal with a defect is still very valuable to a family – it can still work hard, can still be used for trade, and can still provide food. Why can’t it be used for a sacrifice? The reason is because of what is being symbolised. Humans are sinners (full of defect), and there is a penalty for that defect. Only a perfect substitute can pay the penalty for a defective person. To offer a defective sacrifice was to mock God and to spit at His gracious gift of a substitute (v.1).

Actually, no animal can take away human sin. Those animal sacrifices were just symbols of the perfect work of Jesus Christ. Jesus was perfect (He committed no sin, He had no defect), and so He had no penalty to pay for Himself. Therefore, He was able to take the sin and guilt of sinners and pay their punishment. If you do not trust that Jesus paid your penalty, you will spend eternity paying your penalty, you will be forever apart from the joyful fellowship of God. Please, trust Jesus as your salvation substitute.

Meditate on verse 1. What is God leading you in this verse?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, teach me how to worship You with the right attitude and to honour You with all the good things You have given me.