Text: Psalm 130:1-8
The world seems to be absolutely covered in hate in our age. Social Media is actually not very social; in actuality, it is majorly hateful and anti- social. By contrast, blessed be the name of the Lord; for He shows mercy, and forgives sins. You may be “unfriended” by someone; but in the eyes of our heavenly Father, that counts for nothing, for He knows that you are precious. He restores you because of the blood and righteousness of Christ placed into your account! Because this is absolutely true, He now calls you for service! So, we should put our hope in Him, because the rest of the world may abuse us. However, to the one whose opinion matters the most, we are perfect in His eyes! Therefore, we serve him with the deepest of respect and reverence. He loves to restore and radically change lives, and give full redemption! He redeems and releases us for consecrated service.
If the Son has made you free, you are free indeed. Hallelujah!

Meditate on verse 5. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Ever loving Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray and speak against the evil of misuse of social media, and beseech You for spiritual gifting to wait on You and have hope in Your Word, assured that rather than “count our sins”, You freely forgive them, my Father. Amen.