Text: Judges 6:25-32
When Yahweh called Gideon into His service, his ministry started with the
removal of Baal and Asherah worship, beginning with the false worship in
his own family (v.25). God will not allow His glory to be given to anyone
else (Isa.48:11). False worship caused Israel to drift away from the only
true and living God, Yahweh. That raised Yahweh’s anger against Israel.
This backsliding had to be stopped before God would bring the deliverance
Israel craved (please read 1Sam.7:3-4).

You may not be serving idols like Baal, but you might be loving and trusting
the witchdoctor, or your business, or pleasure, etc. We all are idolaters
in different ways. Jesus said to a rich man, who wanted to be accepted
by God, “One thing you lack. Sell what you possess … come follow me”
(Matt.19:16-22). Wealth was that man’s god, and the man could not serve
God and money. But Jesus loved and served His Father perfectly, and
because we are in Jesus our poor worship and weak love is accepted by
God. Therefore, love, trust, and worship God with all your heart, soul,
mind, and strength.

Meditate on verse 27. How are you going to apply it to yourself?
Our Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ, equip me to know
and to obey Your Word. Amen