Text: Luke 4:31-49
Jesus Christ chose Capernaum to be more less His headquarters (v.31) for strategic reasons. It was a huge city with great wealth; but also with great moral decay. From here, Jesus’ Word could easily spread far, throughout the Roman Empire because it was also the headquarters of many Roman soldiers.

Jesus Christ astonished many in His teaching (v.32) because He was teaching with authority unlike the Scribes. This was because Jesus Christ was His Own authority while the Scribes were quoting others to make their teachings authentic. This authority of Jesus Christ brought Him trouble from the Jews who felt that their authority was being shriveled, through the challenging teachings of the Master.

Jesus Christ never wanted demons to reveal who He was (v.41) because: (i) He could show His authority over them by ordering them to be quiet; (ii) Jesus Christ wanted the audience to believe Him as the Messiah demonstrated by His words and not because of the words of demons; (iii) Jesus Christ Himself was going to reveal His identity as per God’s will other than being pushed by the plans of the devil. For demons to call Jesus the “Son of God” they knew who Jesus was.

The Kingdom of God is indeed Good News. Good News to Jews because of the presence of Christ, the Messiah whom they looked forward to see since the time they came from Babylon (v.43). The Kingdom of God is Good News to us because it gives us freedom from slavery to sin. The Kingdom of God is here with us because of the presence of the Holy Spirit that lives in the hearts of all believers. It is also in the future to be fulfilled on the second coming of Jesus Christ when He will establish His perfect Kingdom in the absence of sin and evil. If you received and believed in Jesus Christ the Kingdom of God is in you!

Meditate on verse 43. How are you going to apply it to your life?
My Almighty Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that You teach me how to spread the good news of Your Kingdom. Help me to be in Your presence each time, each day. Amen.