Text: Hosea 12:1-14
Hosea is back in court again with another accusation against Israel: ‘You are deceitful!’ (vv.2-3). Much like that trickster and conman Jacob, Israel was deceitful and in doing so broke the covenant in many ways. In what ways were they lying? In their business and handling of money. The business people were cheating their customers, and claiming that all their wealth was by their own power; never giving thanks or glory to God. God hates injustice, and He will remove people from their comfort if they fail to secure the rule of law.

Yet, this Chapter is also full of hope. Even though we have lied and cheated our way to success, yet God will forgive and restore. As Jacob had to run away from his family because he cheated his brother of his inheritance, he confessed and wept. After this, he found himself in Aram, and there began his journey into maturity by getting a wife and spiritually growing up. Jacob, indeed, suffered consequences of his sin; but the Lord had a path for restoration, healing, and spiritual leadership all along. From him the greatest spiritual nation would grow. What about you? Have you cheated your way to the top? Now is the time to confess those sins and make it right. God is faithful, He will forgive, restore, and make you more fruitful than ever before, fruitful in spiritual things, and perhaps even in material things, if you learn the lessons that He has for you.

Meditate on verses 2-3. How are you going to respond to these verses?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, in Your judgment have mercy on us. Heal our land of evil. Amen.