Text: Ezekiel 30:1-26

The grief we read of in this chapter is similar to that of Chapter 27, God’s lament over the fall of Egypt. Egypt, like all humanity, knew Yahweh existed (Rom.1:20-21), but they served hundreds of so-called gods. Egypt was a nation that would not serve Yahweh, who is the only true and living God. Also, Egypt relied on neighbors for help (vv.5-6), and not Yahweh. Though Egypt justly deserves destruction, and God loves justice, it does not please God that condemnation has befallen them.

As Yahweh is the only true God, He alone must be worshipped. Also, we must not trust others to give us help. Of course, we should always help one another, but we are trusting that God will work through others.

Meditate on verses 5-6. What material things are you relying on for your security other than the Almighty God?: Money, political connections, family background or friends? Put your trust in God only.

Our Lord and loving Father, Your Word states that “cursed is the man who trusts in man”. In the name of Jesus Christ, I repent of the many times I have sought security in other people, or things, rather in You. Forgive me, O Lord.