Text: Judges 8:1-35
The people of Israel want Gideon to be their king, because he saved them (v.22). But they were wrong. Yahweh saved them and that was the point of the strange battle plan in Chapter 7 (cf. 7:2). Instead, Gideon asked for gold jewelry, which he used to make an ephod, a special garment usually used by priests. It would appear that Israel went to Gideon as their priest instead of Aaron’s descendants, which is what God required.

Let us be careful not to condemn them, because we are also prone to do similar side-tracking. Do you worship with a certain church because the pastor has a “special anointing”, or do you worship God? Do you trust in the power of prayer, or do you trust God? Chapels are built where Jesus was born, crucified, buried, etc. But Jesus should be the focus, not where He was. Chapels are built where missionaries served or are buried. But should we not be truly worshipping the Saviour they preached?

Meditate on verse 23. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Ever merciful Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that You forgive me whenever I have worshiped idols in form of material wealth, times, places or individuals. Amen.