Text: Psalm 125:1-5
One of the best reasons to be spending time in God’s Word each day is that it prepares you for trials. It is easy to serve God when there is little pressure to do the right thing. But in this corrupt world, with its daily challenges, the pressure to compromise is tremendous. How can one endure when the pressure upon us to “keep quiet” is so intense? It is, indeed, tempting to do evil, or at least to condone evil, whenever there is so much evil around us. If we are not on our spiritual guard, we will easily be drawn in towards the compromises of the world. Under such pressures, you should be encouraged that the Lord is looking for an opportunity to do good to those who stay strong under pressure. The rest of the world around you may criticise you for taking a stand for righteousness; but be strong and trust that in those circumstances He will show Himself powerful. His Peace will be with you!

Meditate on verse 1. What is God teaching you in this verse?
Almighty God and our Father in heaven, I pray that You lead me to trust You for victory, in all situations of trials and of temptations. In the name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amen