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Hi. I have been an ordained priest since 6th November 2005 and joined the ministry at ASCK in January this year having come from St Francis Chapel MUK where I was involved in ministry with the young people. I was raised and brought up in a Christian home full of principles, and disciplinarian in nature. This coupled with the high Church’s emphasis on Church traditions and orderly worship, shaped my world view on the whole concept of “Church and salvation”. I grew up in the Church, got saved as an “Acolyte ” (Altar server) and have been saved since then.

Because of the practical understanding of Church worship in Malawi, I also believe in ‘being practically saved’ (This is my own concept though)… I believe that people should practically live a life of being ‘saved’ rather than just ‘talking’ about it alone. I believe that salvation is ‘doing the will of the Father’ rather than just saying “I am saved! ” By this, my guiding scripture is (Matt.21:28-32) concerning the parable of the two sons. In that parable, the one who accepted to go on an errand, and didn’t go, just used ‘words’ to impress his Father and yet he never went. He was judged by Christ to not have done the will of the Father, than the one who first refused, but then later got ‘convicted’ and went. I believe that salvation is a practical thing, and not just an ‘idea’ or ‘mere words’. It is therefore something to be seen in our ‘fruits’ than just believed.

My passion is to teach the word of God for people to understand it from a much deeper perspective and apply it in their own context; be a voice of the voiceless through the ministry of preaching, and advocating for ‘Positive Peace’ in every society where God has placed me. (I borrow this from my MA study in Conflict studies).

I also have a passion for the Marrieds’ ministry. At this point, I can now say that I’ve been married to Patience Jaffu since 2011 and we have a Son by the name Yamikani Jaffu. We stay in Makerere, Kikoni currently and we are so blessed to be a part the All Saints family. I am priviledged to be In charge of Initiation and Social services here at All Saints Cathderal.



Other Staff
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Mrs. Tophias K. Mwesigwa
Headmistress - Newfield Nursery

Married to Mr. Ben Mwesigwa and blessed with two sons, Derick and Davis. I joined the cathedral as Head Teacher…

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The Very. Rev. Michael Mukhwana
The Very Rev.Canon. Michael Mukhwana

I am a Ugandan citizen, married to Maama Peace, since 2001; and God has blessed us with two children: Jonathan…

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Rev_Diana_M_Nkesiga_ASCK Staff Pictures_0006_IMG_6709.jpg
Rev. Canon. Diana Mirembe Nkesiga

Vicar All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala since February 2007. It is my pastoral duty to oversee and coordinate all weekly services…

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Rev_John_Musa_Lakor_ASCK Staff Pictures_0045_IMG_7097.jpg
Rev. John Musa Lakor
Youth Pastor

In December 2011, I was invited to serve at All Saints Cathedral, as the Youth Pastor. I had been serving…

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Rev_Jasper_Tumuhimbise_ASCK Staff Pictures_0038_IMG_6992.jpg
Rev. Jasper Tumuhimbise
ACP Manager

Currently a Priest under Kampala Diocese, in charge of ACP, at ASCK having previously been at St. Stephen’s Kitara Ass. Vicar…

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Rev. Irene B. Akankwasa

I am married to Eng. Justus Akankwasa. We have three children: Grace Akampurira , Jeremiah Akanshemeza and Isaac Akampekiconco. I…

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