The Very. Rev. Michael Mukhwana

I am a Ugandan citizen, married to Maama Peace, since 2001; and God has blessed us with two children: Jonathan Ayeta -12, and Martha Alinda – 9 years of age. The second born in a family of eleven children, I was raised up in a Christian environment, but only gave my life to the Lord after I left the teachers’ college. Professionally, I am a graduate teacher [subject combination: Religious Studies and Economics], but I am a minister by calling. It was in 1989 when it became clear to me, after my encounter with the Lord, that God was calling me to the ordained ministry. The circumstances that obtained at the time were a kind of confirmation, that God was opening a door for ‘full time’ ministry. Subsequent to my call, I joined Bishop Tucker Theological College in 1989, for theological training, and completed my Bachelors degree in June, 1992. My first posting was as Chaplain to Nabumali High School, in 1993 and l got ordained deacon the same year in August. I was made priest in December, 1994.

I sincerely thank the Lord for how far He’s carried me, because when I committed to the ministry, it wasn’t just looking for a position or a job; but I had a real burden for the unregenerate souls, having lived a very reckless life myself. This aspect of ministry remains my top preoccupation. I really have passion for lost souls; to the extent that even when I am doing a teaching or topical sermon, I intentionally make room for an altar call; because I strongly feel that a lot of people are caught up in all sorts of traps, and besides many church goers have not understood the implications of what it means to be a Christian. The other area of ministry that I am passionate about, is the discipleship ministry; for it makes such a difference when someone chooses to walk with you as a young believer, while demonstrating to you what it means to live a fruitful Christian life. This was one of Apostle Paul’s strategies; for he did a lot relational discipleship, when he mentored people like Timothy, Titus, Onesmus and Epaphroditus.

At present I am by the grace of God, the Provost All Saints Cathedral Kampala, where I have been since December 2014. My core responsibility as Provost of All Saints is to provide strategic leadership and spiritual oversight to the Cathedral community. I pray and trust that the All Saints family will uphold me in prayer, and support me in the various initiatives, as I exercise this God given authority in our pursuit to possess our inheritance.



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The Very. Rev. Michael Mukhwana
The Very Rev.Canon. Michael Mukhwana

I am a Ugandan citizen, married to Maama Peace, since 2001; and God has blessed us with two children: Jonathan…

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