Sermons (17)

9th December 2018_JESUS - THE PERSON OF THE WORD_Mr. Isaac Kisembo
John 1:6-12
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Preached by Isaac Kisembo on 9th December 2018 (3pm Service).
20th February 2018_EVERY BRANCH THAT DOESN'T BEAR FRUIT, HE TAKES AWAY_Rev. Capt. Florence Tumwesigye
John 15:2-3
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Preached by Rev. Capt. Florence Aliganyira on 20th February 2018 (Morning Glory Service).
6th February 2018_JESUS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE_Rev. Dr. Hannington Mutebi
John 14:6-7
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Preached by Bishop Hannington Mutebi on 6th February 2018 (Morning Glory Service).
13th August 2017_ADORNED AND EQUIPPED FOR SERVICE_Mrs.Grace Masalakulangwa
Titus 2:1-15
Preached by Mrs.Grace Masalakulangwa on 13th August 2017 (9:30am Service).
25th December 2016 (Arch. Bishop Stanley Ntagali)_BORN TO BE KING
Isaiah 9:2-7
Preached by Arch Bishop Stanley Ntagali on 25th December 2016 (9:30am Service).
27th November 2016 (Rev. Canon. Geoffrey Byarugaba)_THE WORD BECAME FLESH
John 1:1-14
Preached by Rev. Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba on 27th November 2016 (9:30am Service).
13th November 2016 (Rev. John Musa Lakor)_THE WORD OF GOD
John 1:1-5
Preached by Rev. John Musa Lakor on 13th November 2016 (3pm Service).
21st August 2016 (Dr. Kedrace Turyagyenda)_GROWTH AND ORGANISATION OF THE CHURCH
Hebrews 12:1-5
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Preached by Dr. Kedrace Turyagyenda on 21st August 2016 (9:30am Service).
17th August 2016 (Rev. Can. Frederick Baalwa)_JESUS THE GOOD SHEPHERD
John 10:1-11
Preached by Rev. Canon. Frederick Baalwa on 17th August 2016 (Mid-Week Service).
14th August 2016 (Rev. Frank Tukwasibwe)_THE MARKS OF A TRUE CHURCH
Acts 11:19-30
Preached by Rev. Frank Tukwasibwe on 14th August 2016 (9:30am Service).