Text: Jeremiah 32:1-44
In this chapter we read of Jeremiah’s continuing troubles once more. He
prophesied about the destruction of Jerusalem and that King Zedekiah will
be carried way into captivity (vv.1-5). King Zedekiah, instead of repenting,
imprisoned the Prophet, Jeremiah. To show his faith in God, Jeremiah, though in prison, went ahead to buy the land, prophetically demonstrating God’s promise to bring back His people.
When you are in a difficult situation, trusting does not come easily (vv.6-17).
It was difficult for Jeremiah to buy the land that was already occupied by the enemy forces. The land he was buying was outside Jerusalem under enemy forces that had besieged Jerusalem for a year.
There are several people in the Bible who found it difficult to trust the Lord. It was difficult for David to believe that one day he would become a King, leave alone being anointed (1 Sam 16-31), even after God had spoken to Moses from the burning bush it was difficult for him to believe that he would lead Israel out of Egypt but he chose to trust the Lord (Exodus 3:1-4:20). There could be a situation in your life; whether relational, a land wrangle, health issues or a family matter that may seem impossible to be corrected. Please choose to trust the Lord; there is nothing impossible with Him. He continues to do it even today. Only trust and obey through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord!

Meditate on verse 37-38. What is God teaching you in these verses?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank You for being my God. Amen.