Text: Psalm 113:1-9
Psalms 113-118 contain praises to God usually called the “Egyptian Hallel”.
In Hebrew language Hallel means praise. These Psalms were mostly sung at Passover, tabernacle and Pentecost. They had greatest meaning at Passover as the children of Israel remembered their rescue from Egypt (Exod. 12-14).
It was a custom to sing Psalms 113-114 before the Passover meal and Psalms 115-118 after the meal. It is believed that Jesus Christ and His disciples sang Psalm 118 before they left the upper room the night Jesus was betrayed and
captured (Matt. 26: 30; Mark 14:26).

In majesty and condescension of God in this particular Psalm we see the praise of God (vv. 1-3), the greatness of God (vv.4-6) and the grace of God (vv.7-9). By this grace, God raises the poor from the dust (v. 7). Jesus Christ came and he
saves those who are poor in spirit (cf Isaiah 61:2; Luke 4:18).

Meditate on verses 7-8. What is God teaching in these verses?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank You for choosing me to be Your child.