Text: Judges 7:1-25

Gideon was nervous about himself being the leader of the battle because he knew himself to be insignificant (see yesterday’s meditations). God was going to walk him through another lesson about strength. Instead of fighting with 32,000 soldiers, God reduces the force to 300! The purpose is to reveal that God is the source of victory (v.2). God needs no one, but He graciously includes us in His work, as it was at Jericho. God then graciously gives Gideon another sign to strengthen him – he hears the narration and the interpretation of an enemy’s dream of defeat (vv.13-14).

Jesus does not need the help of anyone; but He graciously included others in His ministry. However, for the ripe time of defeating Satan, sin, death, and of satisfying the justice of God, Jesus had to be alone; it was impossible for another to help. God put all our sin on Jesus and Jesus paid our penalty; Jesus’ death destroyed Satan’s work and all his strongholds; and Jesus’ resurrection broke the power that death had over us. SDG, Soli Deo Gloria – to God alone be the glory! Hallelluiah! Amen!

Meditate on verse 7. What is God teaching you in this verse?
Almighty and Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for Your anointing to enable me to stand in the gap for my family andcommunity. Amen.