Text: Ezekiel 31:1-18.
We have another warning against pride in this Chapter. Yahweh warns Egypt by giving the example of the kingdom of Assyria. It was a great empire, like a huge, beautiful cedar tree, under which all the nations found protection. But because of their pride (v.10) Yahweh destroyed them. Verse 18 is the warning to Egypt, they are no different, and they will be slain.

All human beings are prideful; but we who belong to Christ must be very aware of the destructive power of pride. Pride puts self above everyone else, even above God, and God will not allow it. Pride brought the destruction of Satan; pride brought the destruction of Adam and of the human race. Pride is our nature; we cannot change it; it will destroy us; and we desperately need a Saviour. Jesus Christ, the only Humble Person, is the only One who can save us from pride, which naturally drives us away from God.

Meditate on verse 10. What makes you feel important other than you being the child of God?

What makes you feel pompous? Repent!

Our God and our Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we pray against the
fundamental sin of pride in our nature; forgive us for the situations in which we have relied on the arms of flesh other than onYou. We repent and seek Your forgiveness. Amen.