Text: Luke 5:1-28
It is noteworthy that as Jesus called His disciples, in both cases they left behind lucrative businesses (vv.11, 28). What are you clinging on that does not allow you to follow Jesus Christ? Despite the heavy schedule that Jesus had, He would withdraw from people and pray to God (v.16). This should be our way of life.
You realise that the paralytic man was healed on the faith of those who were carrying him (vv. 18-20). This does not mean that you can make another person a Christian.

It demonstrates that your faith can affect someone else. Your love, actions and needs can make someone respond positively to the gospel and has God’s power to heal both the soul and the body.
It is a sad commentary of the day that, despite their extensive knowledge of the Old Testament and the Prophets, the Jewish religious leaders of the day did not recognise Jesus Christ as God (v.21). This was the reason they accused Him of blasphemy, an accusation that carried a death sentence (Lev. 24:16). For Jesus Christ to forgive sin meant that He was the Messiah (the sent one from God) and that Messianic time had come (Isaiah 40:2; Joel 2:32, Micah 7:18, 19; Zechariah 13:1). So do not have just head knowledge about Jesus Christ but have intimate relationship and fellowship with Him.

Meditate on verse 28. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Our Lord and merciful Father in heaven, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ,
that You mold me into Your faithful servant who does not focus on material
things of this world, but who knows You through Your Son, Jesus Christ, and obeys You through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Amen.