Praise the Lord friends, our topic last Sunday was God Cares [1Kings 17:1-7 and Matthew.13:14-22]. This is a God who takes us to a higher ground, upholds us, shield us, our fortress, our Rock, our Light, our Guide, our heart’s desire, our Provider, our Promise keeper and our Healer, our Creator, our Giver of life and the resurrection, the Lord of Hosts. He is sufficient, all powerful, all knowing, glorious and incomprehensible. As our creator He cares and we ought to be mindful of the following as highlighted below;

  • God cares for us irrespective of the circumstances or situations, be it through tough times.
  • We sometimes expose our hearts to the enemy and the truth of who God is may be veiled from us e.g. doubts; over getting that job, getting that wife, that air ticket or our business crashes or that deal never comes through in all these, still God cares.
  • Our hearts shouldn’t be gripped with fear of lack or the windows of heavens shutting, poverty, threat of imminent death, witchcraft, sorcery; we ought to understand that God does still care.
  • Knowing that God is the one that sustains in spite of where he has placed you. God provides food from the least creatures, the least unlikely places, the least unlikely people, that there may be a mutual blessing in these hard times, to the glory of God. We need only to trust and surrender like that woman from Zarephath.
  • God has a vision and purpose for your life and it is not to get rich, be successful and die happy BUT rather to be a living breathing dynamic replica of the image of God.
  • God cares that we are his Image and should know Him. He made it possible by sending His Son to Calvary to redeem us and reconcile us to God.
  • God cares for us by feeding us and giving us hope when we seem to be very hopeless.
    We are His children and He calls us to do the same to others. Caring doesn’t mean you have plenty but that you are willing to emulate Jesus in caring for others

Guidelines and Questions
1) Briefly share testimonies of God’s Care upon your Life; Family and How have you emulated Jesus Christ by caring for those around you?
2) Under what circumstance did you feel His care was absent?
3) Prayerfully Cast your burdens, unto Jesus for He cares for you and pray for one another.
Study Helps: 1Peter 5:7, 1Kings 17:1-16, Matt 6:33-34

Rev. Patrick Kamara
Priest in Charge: Home Cell and Pastoral Care
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