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Friends welcome to the year of our Lord 2020, this is a year of Double Restoration. I believe 2019 was such a year of Fruitfulness. As we ended 2019, we shared on two words i.e. EBENEZER AND WORSHIP. We would like to thank God for each one of you and for having opened your homes, the support teams at home and especially the heads of Families for the enormous space you gave to God and the supplies every time your homes were opened for Cells. May the good Lord richly Bless you.

EBENEZER: Eben means a Rock /Stone in Hebrew and Ezer means Help (Rock or stone of help and Prophet Samuel gives the name Ebenezer to a stone that was used to bring Gods judgement against the Philistine at Mizpah (1 Samuel 7:12). this word raises our hope over God’s divine grace over our life’s giants and trials and once the Lord sends us divine help or salvation we remain with no option but to worship Him.

The word Ezer is sometimes used to describe a suitable helper or a wife (Genesis 2:18-20) and this case the woman is used for a powerful act of rescue and support as a helpmate (a companion and a helper).

Therefore, this Heroic word Ezer when joined together with Eben it speaks of the several kinds of help that God had done for His people.

The word Ezer appears twenty-one times in the Old Testament alone and it speaks of the several threatening situations that God through his hand was able to bring salvation or help to his people. This is therefore to request you on this first Month of the year to ponder on the goodness of God and the life threatening situations that you faced as an individual family or cell and how far he has bought you and we worship him in songs, prayers, instruments and Hymns.
WORSHIP: this speaks of BENDING, ADORE, VENERATE WORSHIP REVERE IDOLIZE, prostrate oneself, honour the worthiness of, paying homage (Proskuneo) bow down This year we will concentrate on the word of the Lord (Dewar/Word) the last letter “R” IT DENOTES THE Beginning the Door to the House of the first or Doors to the house of the
beginning and Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said I am the beginning and the End (I am ALEPH ve Tav)

I would like therefore to charge you on behalf of the Cathedral leadership to; Plan for the year 2020, equip our Children with extra co-curricular skills in your Cells and Zones, hold inter- Zonal activities in skills, initiatives and Sports, read the word, pray, have fellowship with one another, share testimonies amongst yourselves and worship the Lord.

• Share testimonies
• Choose a day for planning, see who will host and when, where, which skills to introduce for our families, when to meet as a zone as well.
• Pray through all the plans.
Psalms 37: 3-8

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