Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour. The overall Theme for January 2019 is ‘Charged to raise a godly generation’ and Revd. Hillary Jaffu gave the Exposition on the above Theme for the three (3) Congregations on 6th January 2019 at the Cathedral; and drawing references from Exodus. 2:1-10 and John.21:15-17 concurrently.

In his introductory remarks, the Preacher reminded the Congregations of the effectiveness of 2019 as chosen to be the Year for Children in the entire Province of the Church of Uganda; and also mentioned that raising of a Godly generation will happen through prayer thus the Cathedral devoted January as a Month for Prayer.
Revd. Jaffu stressed that God is in the business of dealing with every spiritual injunction in our lives. In this case Pharaoh’s command was to kill every Hebrew boy child and this meant hindering a godly generation [Exodus 1:15-22] and one of the major things that the devil is not pleased with is the increase and multiplication of a godly generation [John 10:10] BUT when God intervenes in a situation, there is increase and multiplication. [Luke 5:1-7]

Revd. Jaffu pointed out three hidden statements that this Charge from Pharaoh’s daughter meant when
she said “Take this child and nurse him for me” [Exodus 2:9] – that we ought to emulate today in raising a
Godly generation
a)     To go and train this child to be involved in Spiritual Warfare. [Proverbs 22:6].
b)     To go and raise the child as an intercessor. Moses developed a burden to pray [Exodus 33:16].
c)    To go and give this child a second chance to live. Moses while in the “boat”, was in hopeless situation but God gave him a second chance. Rev. Jaffu encouraged the congregants to have hope in any floating and hopeless situation[s] in their life and families and as well urged parents to give a second chance to their Children.

Revd. Jaffu strongly pointed out the kind of generation God expects us to raise.

There is pertinent need to raise a righteous generation. To restore righteousness in His house [2 Chronicles 29:1-3] for example Hezekiah did what was right in the eyes of the LORD.
II. To raise a generation with Godly Excellency [Colossians 3:23, Daniel 5:12]; and to have a spirit
of Excellency and Purity in every aspect of our lives.
III. Above all to raise a generation that will stay in spiritual freedom to serve God [Exodus 3:7-10].
The purpose as to why God liberates us from satanic oppression is to seek and serve Him whole heartedly [ Judges 2:7]

Guiding Questions and Prayer Moments

1) As a Team in your Cell, highlight some specific Key Indicators that have set a pace for Godly excellence to raise a Godly generation. If there are clear challenges and roadblocks, point them out.
2) There is a second chance for all of us! Share and discuss those moments that God has enabled you experience the second chance and enabled you to excel.
3) Spend the rest of time in Prayer and Supplication to God – seeking His Guidance to enable you as a Cell raise a Godly generation.

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