Text: Ezekiel 35:1-15.
Mount Seir is the region southeast of Israel, also known as Edom, which was the territory of the descendants of Esau, brother of Jacob/Israel. The Edomites were always hostile to Israel because of the way Jacob deceitfully took away Esau’s blessing (Gen.27). When Israel’s condemnation came from God, Edom somehow contributed (v.5), coveted Israel’s land for themselves (v.10), spoke arrogantly against God (v.13), and rejoiced in all this (v.15). Therefore, God promised to make them desolate (v.15). We will see more of this in Chapter 36.

To be against those who belong to Jesus Christ is the same as being against Jesus Himself (Acts 9:4), and He will defeat them. There are many around the world today, perhaps someone you know, who hate those who belong to Christ. But one day the Lord will rectify all things. But be careful that you also do not mistreat a fellow Christian. By God’s grace, let us love one another, even as Christ loves each one of us.

Meditate on verses 14-15. What is God warning you about, and how can you avoid it?

Our Lord and merciful Father, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray that You forgive us as a community of any hostilities we have harboured against or vented on other communities. We confess and seek forgiveness so that our land is not calibrated as spiritually desolate in Your sight. Amen.